Prehistoric medicine evidence

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1. Why is it difficult to prove what prehistoric people thought caused illness?

  • No written evidence exists so we cannot be sure exactly what prehistoric people thought about the cause or treatment of illness.
  • they all had different views
  • they didn't believe in illness
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2. What is the problem with evidence to do with surgery?

  • Although evidence of trephining exists, we cannot be sure why it was used.
  • the doctors notes are in a language we cannot understand
  • the cave paintings have been destroyed over time

3. What is the problem with evidence to do with medicine?

  • Cave paintings appear to show 'medicine men' but do not prove that they or their practices actually existed.
  • the cave paintings are blurry
  • the medical books are hard to understand

4. What type of evidence tells us about disease?

  • Skeletons - show that people suffered from some of the same diseases people suffer from today e.g. bone cancer.
  • cave paintings
  • books

5. What is the name given to prehistoric people?

  • villagers
  • nomads - they didn't settle, they were hunter gatherers and only had primitive technology.
  • prehistorians


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