Pressure Groups

AS Government and Politics Unit 1 Pressure Groups

A 10 question quiz on the basics of pressure groups. 

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1. What are pressure groups?

  • A group that represents MPs.
  • A group of like-minded individuals who share an opinion on a certain issue.
  • A type of political party,
  • A group of like-minded people who were not voted into their constituency.
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2. What is 'new pressure group politics'?

  • Characterising a looser form of the more organised social movements.
  • Characterising a group
  • Characterising a group works closely with the government.
  • Characterising a group that campaigns for many different types of causes/issues.

3. Which of these is NOT an example of a role that pressure groups perform?

  • Representation (helping to voice views)
  • Participation (allowing the public another avenue of political participation.)
  • Ideology (creating a new form of ideology for a political party)
  • Education (teaching the public and government about a certain cause.)

4. 'Peak' or 'Umbrella' groups define a single successful group?

  • False
  • True

5. What is an insider group?

  • A group that rarely directly communicates with the government.
  • A group that does have direct communication with policy makers.
  • A group that does not have access to direct communication with the government.
  • A group that only works in England.




Great quiz but i'm pretty sure that the answer to 5 is A group that does have direct communication with policy makers.

it told me i was wrong :(



You're right Kathryn. Due to how similar the answers are I ticked the wrong one. It has been edited and should now be right!

I'm glad that you have found this even vaguely useful!


Constance Akande


Great quiz that got my brain thinking quickly, and I'm at the top of the leader board :) 



Good Quiz

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