Problem Of Evil-Philosophy

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1. What did Rowe suggest about evil being a greater good?

  • Not all evil is for greater good, God could have stopped intense suffering. Therefore he doesnt exist
  • God has an external view of the world and therefore knows the final outcome which is good
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2. In the Augustinian theodicy who is to blame for evil?

  • Adam and Eve
  • No one
  • God
  • Humans (me and you)

3. In Aquinas' Summa Theologica he suggested what ?

  • Gods existence is greater than evil so you cannot compare the two
  • Gods existence in the face of evil is logically impossible
  • God can exist with evil as he is infinite goodness

4. What does Calvin argue?

  • God gave us free will yet interferes and causes suffering
  • Our actions are determined and predestined by God.Adam still committed sin regardless if it was predetermined or not.
  • All evil was caused by God

5. What does Augustines Aesthetic Argument suggest?

  • God is testing our genuine love for him
  • It reminds us of Gods grace. Through Jesus resurrection it shows God is merciful as well as just
  • God tests us as we either go to heaven or hell


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