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2. In Seaveys experiment what was another outcome?

  • If the babys gender was not known the participants tried to asses the babys gender on the basis of its percieved strength
  • When the participants did not know the babys gender they gave the baby the gender neutral toy to play with

3. Definition of Sex?

  • A persons sense of being male or female
  • A persons biological status as being male or female
  • Intimacy

4. What / how many were the participants in Seaveys experiment told about the babys gender?

  • None of them were told anything about the babys gender
  • 1/3 girl, 1/3 boy, 1/3 were told nothing about the babys gender
  • 1/2 boy, 1/2 girl

5. What were the toys in Seaveys experiment?

  • Ball (male), doll (female), plastic ring (neutral)
  • Train set (boy), Bake set (girl), Legos (neutral)
  • Cars (boy), Doll house (female), Playdoh (neutral)


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