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2. Which memory store can hold information received from the senses for a very short period of time?

  • sensory
  • capacity
  • long term
  • short term

3. What was the aim of Bartlett's 'war of the ghosts' study?

  • to see if people will remeber a familiar story and make changes to it
  • to see if people when given an unfamiliar story to remember would alter the information so that it makes more sense to them
  • to see if change to a story is made
  • to see how much of a medium length story people remember

4. What is reconstructive memory?

  • already remembering the memory
  • recreating the order of events of how something happened
  • changing our memories to fit in with what we already know even though we remember exactly what happened
  • creating new memories

5. What is encoding?

  • holding information in the memory system
  • collecting information from different memory stores
  • taking information and changing it into a form that can be stored
  • bringing back memory from storage


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