Psychology - Unit 1, Topic 1

 WJEC GCSE Psychology - Unit 1, Topic 1

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1. Which is a definition of stress?

  • A form of agitation caused by a stimulus.
  • A state of psychological tension caused by a stressor
  • A state of philosophical tension caused by a stress maker.
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2. Which of these is not an example of how the body responds to stress?

  • Hearing Voices
  • Adrenaline released
  • Heart rate increased
  • Raised blood pressure

3. What was the Social Readjustment Rating Scale?

  • A list of 'common life events' created by Holmes and Rahe. It Included 43 different events with varying LCU's (life changing units)
  • A Questionnaire system produced by Delongis to identify how frustrating a person's year was.
  • A scale used to measure how long it takes a person to identify and conform with social norms.
  • A method of predicting the amplitude of heart disease in stressed people.

4. What type of study was Rahe et al's into LCU score and illness.

  • Correlational
  • Experimental

5. How many participants did Rahe use?

  • 2500 Navy Seamen
  • 9000 NYU Students
  • 550 Army soldiers


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