PY4 WJEC Levels of Consciousness

Covers the WJEC exam board topic question for levels of consciousness

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1. Recordings of brain activity whilst in a state of hypnosis, has found that hypnosis is NOT similar to what?

  • Thinking
  • Sleep
  • Daydreaming
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2. When participants are under hypnosis, name one behaviour that will occur?

  • Awakeness
  • Prone to suggestivness
  • High attentiveness

3. Who created the neo-dissociation theory, which supports the state theory for hypnosis?

  • Hilgard
  • Vallins
  • Kosslyn
  • Wagstaff

4. What does the state explanation mean in terms of hypnosis?

  • When in hypnosis participants have an altered state of consciouness
  • The state of hypnosis alters the participants behaviour but not their consciouness

5. According to the non-state theory for hypnosis how does hypnosis affect the participants behaviour?

  • "Ooo, I'm being hypnotised and i'm must be sleepy" - compliance
  • "I feel very tired, I wonder why that is"- unknowing being or has been hypnotised


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