Quebec Facts for essays

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1. What's special about the great Saint Laurent river?

  • It has lots of strong meanders
  • It travels from South to North
  • It's one of the biggest rivers in the world
  • It travels across the whole of Canada
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2. What does the Voie Maritime de Saint Laurent connect Quebec to in terms of trade?

  • Other Canadian Provinces
  • Alaska
  • The Grands Lacs of the United States
  • The Ocean

3. What proportion of the population of Quebec speaks French?

  • 81.2%
  • 88.8%
  • 96%
  • 59.7%

4. In order to combat the phenomenon of an aging population, what does Quebec need to do?

  • Ask the elderly people to move away
  • Encourage people to have more children
  • Welcome around 300,000 immigrants
  • Improve the health services

5. Who is the current First Minister of Quebec?

  • Jaques Descheval
  • Phillipe Couillard
  • Pauline Marois
  • Jean-Claude Gautier


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