Re - Marriage and the family

This quiz tests your knowledge of keywords for the edexcel RE GCSE for the topic of marriage and the family.

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1. What is pre-marital sex?

  • Sex before marriage.
  • Sex outside of a marriage.
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2. What is promiscuity?

  • Having sex with a number of partners without commitment.
  • Having sex with someone inside a marriage.

3. What is contraception used for?

  • Intentionally preventing pregnancy from occuring.
  • A means of controlling the size of the family unit and so should only be used within a marriage.

4. A civil partnership is a marriage in the eyes of God, true or false?

  • False
  • True

5. What is cohabitation?

  • Two people living together outside of a marriage.
  • Two people living together inside of a marriage.




To the other person who about your definition being wrong, Homosexuality is sexual attraction to the SAME sex and that is the official defintion given by the edexcel exam board. So there.

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