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2. What are males inter sexual selection?

  • Males
  • Strong, dominant and successful females
  • Young, attractive fertile females
  • Females

3. What is intra sexual selection?

  • Quantity over quality, Fertile female "rare source", Male/Female dimorphism, Large male=advantage
  • Quality over quantity, Females invest more time/commitment, Choose carefully, Look for genetic fitness&resources, Courtship

4. What relationships can the evolutionary explanation not explain?

  • Couples who want children, Same Sex, Those who like young women
  • Same sex, Those who like older women, Couples who don't want children
  • Same sex, Heterosexual couples, Those who want children

5. Why is the evolutionary explanation socially sensitive?

  • As aggression and violence is stated to be inevitable, affecting society and justifying these behaviours
  • Aggression is stated to be in some males
  • Females dislike men who are openly aggressive and violent


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