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1. Which of the following is not a factor in increasing dealignment?

  • rising education
  • TV dominant medium
  • disillusionment with party politics
  • growing economy
  • decay of social cleavages
  • convergence of party policies
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2. What does Swers say about women in Congress?

  • 'presence is only the first step'
  • 'impact requires more than presence'

3. What did John Adams say the House needed to be?

  • 'a portrait of the people at large in minature'
  • 'a reflection of the American people'

4. How many percent higher is turnout in countries with PR systems?

  • 8%
  • 5%

5. Which of the following is not a reason why more than 50% of people identify with a party in the US?

  • ability to vote for a party in a wide range of offices
  • politically informed
  • requirement to register
  • entrenched two party system


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