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1. Is Russia to blame for WW1

  • Reasons why Russia is to blame and then talk about reasons why other countries are to blame
  • Giving meagre reasons why Russia should be blamed and ignore other countries
  • Inability to analyse
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2. What were the causes of the first world war

  • Nationalism, tension over colonies, arms race, assassination of Franz Ferdinand, alliance systems, invasion of belgium, balkan crisis
  • Inability to mention at least 5

3. Why were French governments so unstable up to 1799

  • Reasons for instability which include the rise of radicals, the economic crisis, revolutionary wars, the rise of the Jacobins and Maximilien' Robespierre and the fall of the directory
  • Focusing on just politics
  • Not including the rise of radicals and the jacobins and Robespierre

4. What do you think was the most significant reason for the outbreak of the French Revolution in 1789

  • Focusing on Louis XVI
  • State long her and short term causes of the French Revolution and concentrate one particular one you think is more important and give points to support why it was most inportant
  • Just giving all the causes

5. What were Napoleons domestic aims from 1799 to 1804

  • Explain all his success, the Napoleonic code, he being first consul, social and economic changes, religion, and propaganda
  • Aims not extending to 1804
  • Including his foreign policies
  • Condemning Napoleon


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