Seamus Heaney & Gillian Clarke quiz

This is a quiz about Poems from Gillian Clarke and Seamus and 1 question about Carol ann duffy. i havent studied carol ann duffy or simon armitage im sorry.

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1. Which poet writes "Death of a Naturalist"

  • Seamus Heaney
  • Gillian Clarke
  • Carol Ann Duffy
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2. What Poem is based on the Yugoslav civil war events?

  • On The-Train
  • The Field Mouse
  • Digging
  • Storm on the island

3. Which poem uses the phrase "We are prepared"?

  • Storm on the island
  • Mid-Term Break
  • November
  • Digging

4. Which author written an offensive poem

  • Simon Armitage
  • Carrol Ann Duffy
  • Gillian Clarke
  • Seamus Heaney

5. Gillian Clarke writen a poem called "November"

  • False
  • True


Hannah Tamkin


It's a poem about English, yet there's barely any spelling that's correct.

Bethan Reeves


erm, this isnt just heaney and clarke...

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