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when was the wallstreet clash?
1929 (oct)
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effects of crash on german exports and output?
economic growth= -61%, output=-58%
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why did it affect Germany so much?
USA main trade partner, short term loans withdrawn, future investment lost
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how did this affect unemployment?
increased as companies bankrupt, other businesses cut workforce
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1932 education stat?
33% officially unemployed, likely to be closer to 8 mil as many didn't register e.g. women
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what happened to banks?
no one paid loans, many withdrew money, caused banks to crash
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effect on agriculture?
exports fell as did sales domestically, prices fell, banks demand repayment and can't pay so lose farms
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effect on salaries?
decreased if still in work
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effect socially?
high poverty
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effect on welfare system?
unemployed overwhelmed system, entitled to state beenfit for a limited period and then have to apply for local
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bad thing about local council welfare?
much less than state
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effect on diet and diseases?
meant people live on basic diets with no meat, tuberculosis and rickets common
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effect on towns with a specialised industry?
suffered greatly, brand- erbisdoff had 50% of poeple on welfare (specialised in glass production)
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effect on young people?
unemployment very high
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young men and woman unemployment Hamburg?
men= 39% women= 25.2%
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what did this lead to?
juvenile crime and political extremeism
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juvenile crime?
convictions remained the same but accusations increased dramatically, theft and offences against the state gew
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political extremeism?
joined extremeists youth groups
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NSDAP youth appeal?
offered food uniforms and shelter, which was a lot in that time period
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schemes to help unemployed?
emergency labour schemes, voluntary labour schemes
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emergency labour?
unemployed youth compulsary to do work, unskilled, paid below minimum
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what did this lead to?
very unpopular among youths, lead to strikes oct 1930 and june 1932
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voluntary labour schemes?
voluntary, sent away to camps for 6 months, unpaid, few offered training
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impact on women?
increased in size of workforce,
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right wing view on women working?
double earners
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result of this?
may 1932 married women dismissal, can dismiss married women if economic situation stable
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schemes to help the unemployed?
emergerncy labour, voluntary labour schemes
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emergancy labour schemes?
unemployed youths forced to do unskilled work, paid below mniimum wage
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effects of crash on german exports and output?


economic growth= -61%, output=-58%

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why did it affect Germany so much?


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how did this affect unemployment?


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1932 education stat?


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