Social Influence

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1. What is normative social influence?

  • Conformity to gain knowledge
  • Conformity due to the desire to be accepted in to a group
  • Conformity due to imagined group pressures
  • Conformity due to avoid embarrassing situations associated with a minority
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2. How many participants in Asch's study?

  • 123 American, white undergraduates
  • 24 American, white undergraduates
  • 123 uneducated males

3. What is identification?

  • The middle tier of conformity, temporary change in behaviour and beliefs in the presence of a group. Caused by NSI and ISI
  • Caused by ISI and NSI

4. What were the causes of conformity?

  • group size, majority influence, task difficulty
  • Group size, task difficulty and unanimity
  • unanimity, minority influence, task difficulty

5. Who investigated conformity and majority influence?

  • Zimbardo
  • Asch
  • Milgram
  • Peterson and Peterson


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