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Pocket money-cunnigham
parents aurthority is undermined by pocket money- makes them independent
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Halifax pocket money survey
average 8-15's receive £6.35 a week
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Sexualisation of childhood
loss of childhood-advertising of dress and attitudes=concern...i.e sex tips in magazines
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Toxic childhood-palmer
increase of unhappiness in childhood, form unhealthy food, lack of play outside, little interactions with family.. argues children=deprived of a traditional childhood -more distractible, impulsive & self obsessed
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Future of childhood-postman
no longer a separate life stage. children today have more knowledge than adults
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Middle ages
illiterate, in work, small boundary, speech=only skill
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19th century
separate status, printed word, hierachy of information
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Tv era
small boundary, no specialist skills, tv interest destroys information hierachy=children interest in adult topics
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childhood disappearing
exposed to same experiences, issues and themes, concern about adult themes ie terrorism globalisation
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childhood isn't disappearing
adult and child games and songs show a strong separate status
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inequalities among children
gender: boys stay out longer than girls/ Ethnicity: asian stricter to girls/ Class: poor mothers=low birth weight= children undeveloped physically and intellectually
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Cultures of childhood
Bolivia=early responsibility 5=working/ trobriand islands= sexual explorations/ Tikophia= child can dismiss an adult, adult must earn their respect.
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Halifax pocket money survey


average 8-15's receive £6.35 a week

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Sexualisation of childhood


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Toxic childhood-palmer


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Future of childhood-postman


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