Sociology: Education Revision

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1. What are the four key features Sugarman argues are barriers to educational achievement

  • Fatalism, Collectivism, Immediate Gratification, Present-time orientation
  • Immediate Gratification, Vale Consensus, Subculture, Fatalism
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2. Which sociologist perceives cultural deprivation as a myth as they see it as ' victim blaming '

  • Barry Sugarman
  • Nell Keddie
  • Joe Blandon

3. What is 'immediate gratification' ?

  • seeking pleasure now rather than making sacrifices in order to get rewards in future
  • making sacrifices now for greater rewards later
  • a mathematical equation used by sociologists to calculate levels of inequality

4. What is 'Fatalism' ?

  • a belief in fate
  • when you are put in a life threatening position
  • a disbelief in fate

5. What is 'Collectivism' ?

  • valuing being part of a group more than succeeding as an individual
  • an individual should not be held back by group loyalties


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