Sociology- Sociological arguments about the nature of culture

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1. Name three features of mass culture (only one answer has three correct features).

  • It has no lasting value, is hard to understand, and is authentic.
  • It is easy to understand, not rooted in the experiences of those who enjoy it, and created by companies in order to make a profit.
  • It is of little artistic merit, bland, and created by those who enjoy it.
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2. What do Marxists believe about mass culture?

  • It gives everyone a false class consciousness and reflects the dynamic of the bourgeoisie exploiting the proletariat.
  • It benefits everyone in society, not just the ruling class but the proletariat too.
  • it is worth less than folk culture and helps the proletariat achieve class consciousness.

3. What is meant by the term mechanical solidarity?

  • The social integration of members of a society through shared norms and values.
  • Finding solidarity in society due to work.
  • Everybody in society having disjointed norms and values.

4. What did Durkheim (func.) believe would happen to workers in newly industrialised cities?

  • That bigger communities would have more cultural ties to one another.
  • Social control would break down, leading to a state of anomie for most.
  • That social control would be stronger than in towns and villages.

5. What do feminists believe about mass culture?

  • it reinforces male gaze but has also begun to show men in the same way as women.
  • That is is run by the patriarchy to reproduce gender inequalities.
  • That women and men are both shown in a problematic way.


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