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1. Murdock argues that the family needs to meet its members' economic needs, reproduction of the next generation, socialisation of the young & stable satisfaction of the sex drive to meet the members of society & its members

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2. one criticism of functionalists

  • it ignores the 'dark side' of the family
  • critical of family life
  • mentions fuctions the family perform
  • stating that family help society
  • family is functional for all members

3. why do functionalists favour the nuclear family?

  • because it benefits everyone
  • women can't handle a family of their own
  • children have a male and a female role model
  • children will turn to crime
  • nuclear family benefits capatalism

4. what is the 'warm bath theory'?

  • family soaks away the tension
  • men are always tense
  • taking a bath to relax
  • women are always tense
  • family add to the tension

5. what families did Parsons use in his Research?

  • African
  • British
  • Asian
  • American
  • European


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