the indus valley

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The name of people in the indus valley?
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What were the name of the two cities?
Harappa and Mohenjo Daro
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What was found at mohenjo daro?
a great bath
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What is Yajna?.
Ancient fire sacrifice.Performed by brahmins.Offerings made in sacrifice are made to Agni.
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How do you use soma?
Consumed by the sacrificer or the brahmin. Its said to be hallucengic which helped them see the devas.The drink was regarded as a deva.
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Who is the god Varuna?
Sky deva.Creator of the world-guardian of cosmic order.Knowlegde and power are unlimited.
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What was varuna believed to have been?
Creator of the world-maintained according to rta-complex idea understoof as the way things should be'-later developed as dharma.
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Who is Indra?
king of gods and ruler of heavans. symbol of courage and strength.
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How was Indra born?
Alongside Agni form the mouth of the god
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What is the jhana yoga?
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what is the karma yoga?
ACTION. The righteous action according to your dharma. Krishna tells Arjuna to fight in the just war as he is a kshatriya.
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what is bhakti yoga?
love and devotion to a personal god.
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what is yoga?
spirtual discipline to achieve union with the divine.
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The samkyha yoga is about how many gunas?
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what is the rajas gunas about?
energy and passion
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what is the tamas gunas about?
darkness and dullness
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what is the sattva gunas about?
goodness and purity
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what is dharma?
correct performance of ritual obligation-by bhramins. maintaining the social and moral order.
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what is varnashramdharma?
duty according to caste and stage in life
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How did the Rig vedas and rta develop the concept of dharma?
dharma developed out of rta- principle of cosmic order. Gods all supported it themeseleves- Varuna was very closely associated with the concept
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What is santanadharma?
eternal unchanging law underpinning the universe. Not dependant on external factors. Ahimsa principles.
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What is top of the varna system?
Brahmins. Top of hierarchy.Priest/Guards. Perform or teach sacrifice.
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What is 3rd in varna system?
Kshatriyas.Rulers or warriors.Learn skills in arms to govern or protect.
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What is 2nd in varna system?
Vaishyas.Common people involved in agriculture and trade.
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What is bottom of the varna system?
The sudras who serve and support.
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who are the twice born?
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what is a jati?
birth system.
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What is Stage 1 in ashrama?
Student- celibate. Characterised in terms of unquestionning obedience
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What is stage 2 in ashrama?
Householder. Artha- material wealth. Karma - Physical
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What is stage 3 in ashrama?
forest dweller.retires to concentrate spirtually-hands over finacial/buisness interests to sons and retires to forest with wife
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What is stage 4 in ashrama?
Sanyassin. Complete renunciation.
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What is a stridharma?
A womens dharma. Making love,managing household Treat husbands as god-put them before their own life to guarantee a place in heavan
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What were the name of the two cities?


Harappa and Mohenjo Daro

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What was found at mohenjo daro?


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What is Yajna?.


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How do you use soma?


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