The Laboratory - Robert Browning

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these faint smokes
curling whitely
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which is the poison
to poison her
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he is with her and they
know that I know - case building
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while they laugh
laugh at me
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I am
here - links to Devil's Smithy
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I am not
in haste!
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dance at
the King's
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gold, soft phial
exquisite blue, sure to taste sweetly
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to carry pure
death in an earring - oxymoronic
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Pauline and
Elise - women who thinks husband is having an affair with
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why not soft like the
phial's, enticing and dim? - the poison
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no minion
like me - complimeting or putting herself down?
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this never will free the soul
from those masculine eyes
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he is sure to remember
her dying face
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be not
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the delicate droplet, my
whols fortune's fee
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if it hurts her, beside,
can it ever hurt me?
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you may kiss me old man
on my mouth if you will
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next moment I
dance at the King's
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which is the poison


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he is with her and they


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while they laugh


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