The model of the atom GCSE C1

How has the atomic model of the atom changed over time...?

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1. What did Dalton find out....?

  • There is a nucleus in atoms.
  • There are electrons in atoms.
  • There are neutrons in atoms.
  • There are protons in atoms.
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2. Why has the atomic model been expanded and scientists have expanded their knowlegde on the model?

  • They had more money.
  • Because they had better equipment over time.
  • They had more knowlegde.
  • Because they had better eyesight.

3. Who thought electrons were surrounding the nucleus in shells?

  • Bohr
  • Dalton
  • Rutherford
  • Thompson

4. What sort of particles did Rutherford use in his experiments to expand his knowledge on the atomic model?

  • Fundamental Particles
  • Alpha Particles
  • Elementary Particles
  • Subatomic Particles

5. Who were Geiger and Marsden?

  • They created their own model together called the Atomic Understanding.
  • They helped Rutherford with his gold experiment.
  • They assisted Dalton to learn about the model.
  • They helped Thompson with the Plum Pudding Model.


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