The Drift Towards War following the French Revolution

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1. Why did Louis dismiss the Legislative Assembly in 1792?

  • He was able to bring back Necker and Calonne
  • He was able to replace them with men committed war
  • He was able to replace them with committed royalists
  • He was able to introduce an anti-war government
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2. When was war declared?

  • June 1789
  • April 1792
  • July 1790
  • April 1791

3. What did the Legislative Assembly tell Louis to do?

  • Demand that the National Guard to storm the frontiers at Prussia, Austria and Germany
  • Demand that all emigres return to France for their immediate arrest and triple taxation
  • Demand that his brother in law renounce all Austrian treaties that were hostile to France
  • Demand that his brother in law replace him as absolute monarch of France and Austria

4. What was forming in Austria before France demanded it be disbanded?

  • An Emigres Army
  • An Army of European Nobles
  • An Austrian/Prussian Army
  • An Austrian Naval Force

5. What did Marie Antoinette and Louis believe about a possible war?

  • It would be the only way to restore the Ancien Regime
  • It would result in their execution
  • It would lead to total overthrow of European Monarchs
  • It would result in a complete break down in the law and order in France


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