The Five Year Plans

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1. What did the workforce mostly consist of during the first FYP?

  • Bourgeois experts and workers
  • Unskilled, illiterate peasants from the Collectivised countryside
  • Skilled experienced workers
  • Children
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2. What was a problem with the weapons produced during the third FYP?

  • They didn't work correctly as they hadn't been produced fast enough
  • They were technically inferior due to a focus on quantity over quality
  • They were technically superior due to a focus on quantity over quality
  • They were stolen from the Germans

3. What happened to many of the schemes started during the first FYP during the second?

  • They were completed
  • They were abandoned
  • They were adapted to fit the new targets
  • They were taken over by peasants from the countrysidr

4. What was significant about the First FYP?

  • It had many successes
  • The targets set were ever increasing and wholly unrealistic
  • Its focus was on WW2
  • Stalin visit all the factories exceeding the targets

5. What was the main focus of the third FYP?

  • The Great Patriotic War
  • Stalin's private villa
  • WW 1
  • Gigantomania


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