A test on timeline knowledge from 1547-1572, for A2 history students studying AQA the triumph of Elizabeth britain.

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1. What year did Henry VIII die?

  • 1568
  • 1547
  • 1567
  • 1548
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2. Which person was appointed Lord Protector in the same year?

  • Duke of Somerset
  • Duke of Northumberland
  • William Cecil

3. In 1549, two rebellions began. What were they called?

  • Ketts and Northern Rebellions
  • Ketts and Western Rebellions
  • Western and Northern Rebellions

4. When Somerset fell from power in 1549, who was made Lord President of the Council in 1550?

  • Robert Dudley
  • Duke of Northumberland (Earl of Warwick)
  • Barry
  • Mary Queen of Scots

5. Edward died in 1553, what other major events happened in this year?

  • A plot to put Lady Jane Grey on the throne, and Mary I proclaimed Queen.
  • Wyatts Rebellion and Mary proclaimed Queen
  • Mary proclaimed Queen and the Second Act of Uniformity passed


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