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what does white belt signify
signiies innocence as that of the beginning student who has no previous knowledge of taekwondo
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Meaning of yellow belt
signifies earth from which a plant sprouts and takes root as the taekwondo foundation is being laid
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meaning of green belt
signifies the plants growth as tkd skills begin to develop
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meaning of blue belt
signifies heaven to which the plant matures into a towering trees training in tkd progresses
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meaning of red belt
signifies danger cautioning the student to excericise control and warning the opponent to stay away
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meaning of black belt
opposite to white, therefore signifying maturity and proficency in tkd also indicates the wearers imperviousness to darkness and fear
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inner forearm in korean
an palmok
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back fist in korean
dung joomuk
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outer forearm in korean
bakat palmok
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fore fist in korean
ap joomuk
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palm in korean
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arc hand in korean
bandal son
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elbow in korean
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knifehand in korean
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fingertips in korean
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reverse knifehand in korean
sonkal dung
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footsword in korean
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side sole in korean
yop bal badak
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side instep
yop baldung
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reverse footsword
balkal dung
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ball of foot
ap kumchi
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back sole
dwit kumchi
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back heel
dwit chook
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training hall in korean
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traing suit in korean
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instructor in korean
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belt in korean
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student in korean
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inner in korean
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outer in korean
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press ups in korean
momtong bachia
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attention in korean
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bow in korean
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ready in korean
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start in korean
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stop in korean
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return to ready stance in korean
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dismiss in korean
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forwards in korean
apro kaggi
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backwards in korean
dwiryo kaggi
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about turn in korean
dwiyro torro
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low in korean
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middle in korean
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high in korean
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attention stance in korean
charyot sogi
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parallel stance in korean
narani sogi
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sitting stance in korean
annun sogi
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walking stance in korean
gunnun sogi
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inner forearm block in korean
an palmok makgi
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outer forearm block
bakat palmok makgi
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front rising kick
ap chaolligi
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side rising kick
yop chaolligi
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obverse punch
baro jirugi
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reverse punch
bandae jirugi
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what is the ready position for chonji
parallel ready stance - narani
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what is the diagram for chon ji
a cross
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what is the meaning of chon ji
chon ji literally means the heaven and the earth. it is in the orient, interpreted as the creation of the world or the beginning of human history. it is therefore the pattern played by the beginner. the pattern consists of 2 similar parts etc
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left in korean
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right in korean
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pattern in korean
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head in korean
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l stance in korean
niunja sogi
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rising block in korean
chookyo makgi
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forearm guarding block
palmok daebi makgi
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kick in korean
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double punch in korean
doo jirugi
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front snap kick in korean
ap chabusigi
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knifehand strike in korean
sonkal taerigi
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how many moves in chon ji
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ready position for dan gun
parallel ready stance - narani chumbi sogi
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meaning of dan gun
dan gun is named after the holy dan gun the legendary founder of korea in the year 2333 bc
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what it the diagram of dangun
a capital i
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inward in korean
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outward in korean
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plam in korean
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knifehand in korean
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backfist in korean
dung joomuk
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knifehand guarding block in korean
sonkal daebi makgi
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twin forearm block in korean
sang palmok makgi
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inward outer forearm block in korean
anero bakat palmok makgi
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backfist strike in korean
dunk joomuk taerigi
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turning kick in korean
dollyo chagi
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front backfist strike in korean
ap dung joomuk taerigi
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how many moves are there in dan gun
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three step sparring in korean
sambo matsoki
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what is the ready stance for do san
parallel ready stance- narani chumbi sogi
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the meaning of do san
do san is the psuedonym of the patriot an ch'ang ho (1876-1938) who devoted his life to furthering the educaiton of korea and its independent movement
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what is the diagram for do san
a backwards Z
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straight in korean
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thrust in korean
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finger in korean
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as a group fingertips in korean
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fixed stance in korean
gojong sogi
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wedging block in korean
hechyo makgi
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release move in korean
jappyosol tae
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straight spear fingertip thurst in korean
sun sonkut tulgi
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backfist side strike in korean
dung joomuk yop taerigi
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side piercing kick in korean
yop cha jurigi
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how many moves are in do san
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green belt
green belt
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what is the ready stance for won-hyo
closed ready stance A- moa chumbi sogi A
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what is the diagram for won-hyo
a capital i
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what is the meaning of won-hyo
won-hyo was the noted monk who introduced Buddhism to the silla dynasty in the year 686 AD
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back in korean
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foot parts in korean
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hand parts in korean
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back sole in korean
back sole
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vertical stance in korean
soojik sogi
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closed stancein korean
moa sogi
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bending stance in korean
goburyo sogi
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circular block in korean
dollimyo makgi
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hooking block in korean
golcho makgi
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waist block in korean
hori makgi
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palm pushing block in korean
sonbadak miro makgi
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vertical punch in korean
sewo jirugi
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side punch in korean
yop jirugi
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reverse turning kick in korean
bandae dollyo chagi
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reverse side kick in korean
bandae yop chagi
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reverse knifehand strike in korean
sonkal dung taerigi
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semi free sparring in korean
ban jayoo matsoki
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blue tag
blue tag
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ready position for yul gok
parallel ready stance - narani chumbi sogi
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what is the meaning of yul-gok
yul gok is the pseudonym of the great philosopher and scholar yi I (1536-1584AD) he was nicknamed the confucios of korea . the 38 movements represent his birthplace on the 38th degree latitude and the diagram represents scholar
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what is the diagram of yul gok
a cross with an upturned K at the bottem
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jumping in korean
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knee in korean
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x stance in korean
kyocha sogi
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double forearm blockin korean
doo palmok magki
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hooking block in korean
golcho makgi
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grasping block in korean
bujuba makgi
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x fist pressing block in korean
kyocha nollo makgi
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twin knifehand block in korean
sang sonkal makgi
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upset punch in korean
dwijibo jirugi
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hooking kick in korean
golcho chagi
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flat fingertip thrust in korean
opun sonkut tulgi
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crescent kick in korean
bandal chagi
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twin vertical punch in korean
sang sewo jirugi
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how many moves are in yul gok
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two step sparring in korean
ibo matsoki
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free sparring in korean
jayoo matsoki
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blue belt
blue belt
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diagram of joong gun
capital i
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meaning of joong gun
named aftr patriot an joong gun who assassinated hiro bumi ito 1st japane governer general korea known as man played lead role japan korea merger 32 moves show his age when excecuted in lui shung prison 1910
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ready positiin joong gun
closed ready stnace B - moa chumbi sogi B
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mid section upset in korean
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low section upset in korean
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side sole in korean
yop bal badak
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side fist in korean
yop joomuk
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rear foot stance in korean
dwit bal sogi
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low stance in korean
nachuo sogi
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x bloxk in korean
kyocha makgi
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pressing block in korean
noollo makgi
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downward bock in korean
nearyo makgi
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u shaped block in korean
digujta makgi
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turning punch in korean
dollyo jirugi
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twin upset punch in korean
sang dwijibo jirugi
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upper elbow strike in korean
wi palkup makgi
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back kick in korean
dwit chagi
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pressing kick in korean
nollo chagi
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side thrust kick in korean
yop cha tulgi
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twin straight forearm block in korean
sang sun palmok makgi
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reverse turning hooking kick in korean
bandae dollyo goro chagi
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how many moves in joong gun
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red tag
red tag
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ready postion for toi gye
closed ready stnace b moa chumbi sogi b
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meaning of toi gye
toi gye is pen name of the noted scholar yi hwang an authority on new confuciansism 37 moves of this pattern refer to his birthplace on the 37th degree latitude and diagram represent scholar
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diagrma of toi gye
t with a line underneath
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flying in korean
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upset fingertips in korean
dwijibun sonkat
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w shape block in korean
san makgi
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waving kick in korean
doro chagi
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front pushing kick in korean
ap cha milgi
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upper elbow strike in korean
wi palkup tulgi
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how many moves are in toi gye
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one step sparring
ilbo matsoki
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red belt
red belt
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ready position for hwa rang
closed ready stance C moa chumbi sogi C
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meaning hwa rang
flowering youth named after hwarang youth group which originated in the silla dynasty around 600 ad the group eventually became the actual driving force for the unification of the 3 kingdoms of korea the 29 movements represent the 29th infantry tkd m
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diagram for hwa rang
capital i
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sliding in korean
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pushing block in korean
miro makgi
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upward punch in korean
ollyo makgi
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downward punch in korean
naeryo jirugi
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vertical kick in korean
sewo chagi
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twisting kick in korean
bituro chagi
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how many moves in hwa rang
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black tag
black tag
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meaning of choong moo
name given admiral yi sun sin yi dynasty 1st armoured battleship precursor submarine 1592 reson ends left hand attack symbolise regrettable death no chance show unrestrained potentiality checked by forced reservation of his loylty to the king
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diagram of choong moo
capital i
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reverse knifehand in korean
sonkal dung
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one leg stance in korean
wae bal sogi
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checking block in korean
momchau makgi
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downward block in korean
naeryo makgi
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sweeping kick in korean
goro chagi
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flying kick in korean
twimyo chagi
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number of moves in choong moo
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what does tkd mean
hand foot art
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where does tkd come from
south korea
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what are the tennents of tkd
courtesy integrity peserverence self control indomitable spirit
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when was tkd inaurgarated
april 11th 1955
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founder of tkd
major general choi hong hi
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when did the founder die
15th june 2002
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introduced to uk
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when tagb formed
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when was the btc formed
april 21st 1988
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who is the treasurer
ron sergiew
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who is vice chairman
michael dew
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who is chairman
david oliver
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who is the liaiason offiercer
paul donnelly
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who is secretary
don atkins
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who is the english nationa coach
kenny walton
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who are the commitee members (not assigned a specific role)
gianni peros brian towndrow
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what is a similar martial art
traditional korean martial art tye kyon it was a military art it is dance like and fluid with the user constantly moving it does not have the hard snap kicks but other softer ways of generating power.
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Card 2


Meaning of yellow belt


signifies earth from which a plant sprouts and takes root as the taekwondo foundation is being laid

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meaning of green belt


Preview of the front of card 3

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meaning of blue belt


Preview of the front of card 4

Card 5


meaning of red belt


Preview of the front of card 5
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