Topic 14: Personality and the self (PS111 test 2)

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1. What is the big five factor model a result of?

  • Independent studies carried out in several countries
  • A combination of different personality theoriests
  • A combination of different tests used to determine personalities (not just questionnaire tests, but things like interviews and inkblot tests)
  • It was Quan Sumo's a Japanese psychologist's idea
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2. What is personality?

  • It is the judgements people make about you when they meet you
  • It stems from a fix characterisation "the role". It is not necessarily someone's true self "the actor".
  • It is who your true self
  • It is the person you wish you were

3. Maslow has 5 Hierarchy of needs arranged in a pyramid, the number 1 represents the top and the number 5 represents the bottom. What need is number 4?

  • Need for safety
  • Need for self-actualisation
  • Need for love and belonging
  • Need for self-esteem
  • Need for survival

4. s the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) criticised for being different between white and non-white people?

  • I don't know
  • Yes
  • No

5. What percent of our personality operates on a preconscious level?

  • 10-15%
  • 30-40%
  • 75-80%
  • 10%


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