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2. Nervous shock is?

  • caused by expected shock
  • bereavement
  • positive psychiatric injury caused by sudden and unexpected shock
  • negative psychiatric injury
  • physical injury

3. A primary victim is?

  • suffers serious physical injury
  • the worst affected in an accident
  • suffers physical injury
  • in danger of physical injury
  • not in danger

4. Which of the following will not need to be proved by a secondary victim?

  • reasonable foreseeability of psychiatric injury
  • nature of the psychiatric injury
  • proximity
  • physical injury
  • class of person

5. The burden of proof in tort is?

  • balance of reasonable doubt
  • beyond all probability
  • balance of probabilities
  • beyond reasonable doubt
  • a probability of reasonable doubt




veryusefull dear Mark snow..pls also provide answers..

James Dart


Most answers at the top and first and last answers are wrong, also no show of correct answers

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