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Duty of care tests
Caparo test: proximity, rable foresight of damage, just & rable
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Duty of care cases
Caparo, Donoghue, McLoughlin, Hill
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Breach of duty test
Reasonable man / trained professional
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Risk factors for breach
Likelihood, social desirability, cost, res ipsa loquitur
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Breach cases
Blyth, Bolam, Nettleship
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Risk factor cases
Stone, Parris, AEC, Watts, Scott
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Res ipsa rules
control, no other explanation, damage caused by negligence
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Damage rules
factual and legal causation (remoteness)
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Factual causation case
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Remoteness leading case
Wagon Mound No 2 - rable foresight of consequences
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Remoteness indicators
manner of occurance,type & extent of damage,intervening causes
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Remoteness indicator cass
Hughes, Vacwell, Bradford,Knightley, Carslogie
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Duty of care cases


Caparo, Donoghue, McLoughlin, Hill

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Breach of duty test


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Risk factors for breach


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Breach cases


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