Training and Rewards

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1. Advantages of off-the-job training

  • Experts can be used
  • Travel costs can make it expensive
  • While being trained the employee is not productive
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2. A disadvantage of in-house training is .....

  • An employee may not be good at demonstrating or explaining to a new recruit
  • New employee gets to meet colleagues and settles quickly
  • Training can include all the skills needed and 'how it is done here'

3. A method of in-house training is ...

  • Being shown by experienced colleagues
  • Being on day release to attend college
  • Working with staff from other businesses

4. An advantage of in-house training is. .....

  • Cheap - no travel costs
  • Trainers can teach bad habits
  • Takes trainers away from their normal job

5. A method of external training is .....

  • Working with new machinery or equipment
  • Day release from work to attend college
  • Working at a slower pace until necessary skills are learnt


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