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2. What clinical evidence does Clive Wearing and HM show?

  • They had damaged episodic memory but semantic and procedural memories were fine
  • Damaged LTM
  • Damaged procedural memory
  • Damaged semantic memory

3. Which of the following are most likely to be stored in episodic long-term memory?

  • Our knowledge of what words mean
  • Memories of our skilled actions, such as being able to play guitar
  • Memories of events that have happened to us at various times, involving other people and places
  • Memories for facts such as 'Elizabeth Loftus is a psychologits'

4. Cohen and Squire diagree with Tulving's three types of LTM. So which of the following do they suggest instead?

  • Sensory memory and iconic memory
  • Declarative memory and procedural memory
  • Episodic memory and semantic memory
  • Short-term memory and long-term memory

5. 'Time-stamped and needs to be consiously searched' is a description of which type of long-term memory?

  • Procedural memory
  • Semantic memory
  • Episodic memory
  • Very long-term memory (VLTM)


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