Un viaje reciente que has hecho

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¿Dónde fuiste?
Where did you go?
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I travelled to Berlin, in Germany.
Viajé a Berlin, en Alemania .
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I went to Berlin, in Germany
Fui a Berlin, en Alemania.
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¿Fuiste con amigos?
Did you go with friends?
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Yes, I went with my friend Ada.
Si, fui con mi amiga Ada.
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¿Cómo viajaste ahí?
How did you get there?
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We took a plane from Birmingham airport
Tomamos un avión de aeropuerto de Birmingham
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¿Qué hiciste?
What did you do?
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On the first day we went to the ' Brandenburg Gate ' because it is an important monument and has a fascinating history.
En el primero día fuimos a la 'Brandenburg Gate' porque es un monumento importante y tiene una historía fascinante .
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Every night we went to a nightclub and drank lots of cocktails. One night we were up till 4:00 in the morning.
Todos las noches fuimos a una discoteca y bebimos muchos cocteles. Una noche nos quedamos levantado hasta a las cuatro en la mañana.
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¿Cuantos días pasaste ahí?
How many days did you spend there
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We stayed for five days
Nos quedamos por cinco días,
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¿Qué te gustó más?
What did you like most?
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I loved the German history museum because I liked the history of central Europe a lot
Me encantó el museo de historía de Alemania, porque me gusta mucho la historía de Europa central.
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I liked the patisseries in Berlin a lot, their cakes were very tasty.
Me gusta mucho los pastelerías en Berlin, sus pasteles fueron muy sabroso.
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¿Qué te gustó menos?
What did you like least?
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I didn't like the underground in Berlin, it was very confusing
No me gustó el metro en Berlin, fue muy confuso.
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I was very tired after the trip, because we walked everywhere.
Estuve muy cansado después de el viaje, porque caminamos en todos partes en Berlin.
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Thats a pity
Es una lastima
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Dices me más de tu viaje
Tell me more about your trip.
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I travelled to Berlin, in Germany.


Viajé a Berlin, en Alemania .

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I went to Berlin, in Germany


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¿Fuiste con amigos?


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Yes, I went with my friend Ada.


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