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just a quick test for topic 3, if you need anything else let me know!

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1. In ultracentrifugation what is the correct order of organelles being seperated?

  • Mitochondria, Nuclei, lysosomes, ribosomes
  • Nuclei, Mitochondria, lysosomes,ribosomes
  • Mitochondira, Nuclei, ribosomes, lysosomes
  • Nuclei, Mitochondira, ribosomes, lysosomes
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2. a role of lipids is?

  • insulation
  • a hormone replacement
  • manufacturing
  • giving birth

3. In cell fractionation the tissue is placed in a isotonic solution because...?

  • it prevents organelles bursting or shrinking as a result of osmosis.
  • to reduce enzyme activity.
  • to maintain a constant ph

4. a lipids test involves...?

  • ethanol
  • enzymes that hydrolyse
  • HCL

5. diffusion is the same as osmosis?

  • no
  • erm,,,,
  • yes
  • depends on what day it is




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