Unit 2.4

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What is an organisation chart?
how a business has organised its employees so that they work in the most productive way. it also shows the roles of and relationships between all the employees in a business.
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What is Internal recruitment?
Appointing an existing employee of the business to fill a vacancy.
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What is external recruitment?
Appointing an employee of another business to fill a vacancy.(internal employees can apply also)
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What is appraisal
Assessing how effectively an employee is working and deciding what training they need.
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What are autocratic managers?
Managers who believe in taking all decisions and just passing instructions to workers.
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What are democratic managers?
Managers who involve their subordinates in decision-making.
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What is Flow Production?
Businesses use an assembly line to create large quantities of products.
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What is Lean Production?
This is an approach to production that aims to minimise waste.
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What is Economies of Scale?
The reason why the cost of producing a product as the business grows.
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What are Dis-Economies of scale?
When a business grows too large and the cost of producing their products begins to rise again. This could be because the business is so large that communication is poor and workers become demotivated.
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What is a Quality Product?
Goods or services that meet customers expectations
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What are Quality Standards?
These are the expectations that customers have of a product.
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What is Total Quality Management (TQM)?
It is an approach to managing quality where standards are checked periodically throughout the production process rather than at the end.
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What is the Span of Control?
The number of employees managed directly by a manager. This means that the manager is the immediate boss or line manager of these employees.
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What is a line manager?
A person with direct managerial responsibilities for particular employees.
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What is a Subordinate?
A person under the authority or control of another within an organisation.
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What is Centralisation?
It occurs when a small number of senior managers in a business take all the important decisions.
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What is Decentralisation?
It allows employees working in all areas of the business to take decisions.
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What are the layers of Management?
The layers of authority in a business this is the part of the organisation that maintains responsibility for the productivity and performance of employees.
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What is Internal recruitment?


Appointing an existing employee of the business to fill a vacancy.

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What is external recruitment?


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What is appraisal


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What are autocratic managers?


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