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"Good morning to the day; and next, my gold!
Open the shrine that I may see my saint. Hail the world's soul, and mine.
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Let me kiss, with adoration, thee,
and every relic of sacred treasure in this blessed room.
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Thou being the best of things -
and far transcending all style of joy, in children, parents, friends, or any other waking dream on earth.
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Riches, the dumb god,
that giv'st all men tongues: that canst do naught, and yet mak'st men do all things.
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Yet, I glory more
in the cunning purchase of my wealth than in the glad possession.
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That with most quick agility could turn,
And re-turn; make knots, and undo them; give forked counsel; take provoking gold,
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A wretch, who is indeed more impotent,
Than this can feign to be; yet hopes to hop over his grave.
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What a rare punishment
Is avarice to itself.
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As if fate
would be as easily cheated on as he.
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All gaping here
for legacies.
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My divine Mosca!
Thou hast today outgone thyself.
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Let me see, a pearl?
A diamond? Plate? Sequins? Good morning's purchase.
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I wonder at the desperate valour
of the bold English, that they dare let loose their wives to all encounters.
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Has she
so rare a face?
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A beauty
Ripe as harvest.
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Whose skin
is whiter than a swan.
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A soft lip,
Would tempt you to eternity of kissing!
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Bright as
your gold! And lovely as your gold!
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She's kept
as warily as is your gold
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Health! The blessing
of the rich. The riches of the poor!
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Who can buy thee
at too deat a rate, since there is no enjoying this world without thee?
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Death of
mine honour.
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I think you'd rather mount?
Would you not mount? Why, if you'll mount, you may.
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Good sir,
have patience.
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I should strike this steel into thee
with as many stabs as thou wert gazed upon with goatish eyes.
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Let me kiss, with adoration, thee,


and every relic of sacred treasure in this blessed room.

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Thou being the best of things -


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Riches, the dumb god,


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Yet, I glory more


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