War,Peace & Justice Quiz OCR

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1. What are Pacifist against ?

  • People who are against all violence to do with war or to defend your self
  • People who support the idea of war and violece
  • People who follow Christian religion as a peaceful person
  • People who are all loving & caring
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2. In the Just War Theory who should be fighting ?

  • Military ONLY
  • The Politicians ONLY
  • Anyone who wants to
  • Civilians ONLY

3. What is the Old Testament ?

  • Evidence that god was alive
  • The second half of the bible after Jesus was born
  • The first half of the bible before Jesus was born
  • The old part of God book

4. What is Jihad ?

  • Among Muslims- a war or struggle against non believers
  • Among Muslim- who encourage war
  • Among Muslims who have to justify why they are going to war

5. What is Social Justice ?

  • A disruption in society
  • Unfairness in Society
  • Fairness in society
  • Part of Society


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