Starting GCSEs

Secondary school students walking between classrooms

You're going into Year 10 and there's no getting away from it...

Your GCSE exams aren't that far away, and now begins your two year countdown. You could stick your head in the sand and put your fingers in your ears (which is admittedly a neat trick) while you try to ignore it all.

Or you could read our collection of articles and discussion threads on how to make a flying start to your GCSEs. You know which one makes sense...

How to do well in your GCSEs

Want to know how to ace your GCSEs? Ask previous GCSE students; that's just what we did.

Find out their six steps to doing brilliantly in your GCSEs.

And if you want to get off to a good start, here are five ways to impress your new teachers.

What to expect from GCSEs

Are you unsure of what to expect from the subjects you're studying at GCSE? We asked students about everything from further maths to history.

Four TSR members give their rundown of a day in the life of a typical GCSE student.

We spoke to a former A*/9 student about what GCSEs are really like, and he gave his expert advice on how to prepare for them.

Get prepared for your GCSEs

Why wait until revision season to make a study planner? Be super organised and fit homework and early revision around the rest of your weekly activities. Why not start creating mind maps and writing revision notes to refer back to when revising next year?

You can search for GCSE and IGCSE study resources in our Resource Library.

This list of what to take with you to sixth form or college also applies to school, so read it for a checklist of the stationery you'll need to for the new term.

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