58 things students are going to do once their exams are finished

Holi colour festival

You've made it! Exams are over - or at least they nearly are

So what is everyone planning to do to mark that happy occasion? Lemur14 asked the TSR community, and this is what they said.

Celebrate in traditional student style

1. Get absolutely spangled in a field.

2. Partying the **** out of the holidays.

Set a personal challenge

3. How long (in hours or minutes) can I stare at the wall?
4. How many times can I listen to the same song on repeat before changing song?
5. How many glasses of water can I drink in one day if I do nothing but drink water and urinate?
6. How many posts can I make on TSR in one day if I do nothing but post on TSR?
7. How many numbers can I write in one day if I do nothing but write numbers (in ascending order, starting from one)?

8. Look after my skin more.
9. Go to the park and just sleep there. 

10. How many books can I read in one day (reading all day, no breaks).

How many posts can I make on TSR in one day if I do nothing but post on TSR?

Take revenge on the education system

11. Burn my books!

12. Burn my English texts.

13. My family had a BBQ so I burned all my notes.

14. I burned my GCSE notes. And my A-level notes. It's so cathartic to get rid of it all!

Group of friends with pizza

Do something mindless

15. Love Island.

16. Rewatch Flight of the Conchords, Delocated, Lost, and every episode of Nathan for You.

17. Be bored and enjoy it.
18. Watch so much TV.

Do something worthwhile

19. I’m going to start selling things online to make some money.

20. Work experience. 

21. I would love to learn a musical instrument. I doubt I will be allowed as my dad hates music.

22. Travel around Europe and a few other countries.

23. Go to my Taekwondo classes more often to get back in shape and strength. 

24. Maybe volunteer and even try to find a job.

25. Read a book.
26. Earn some money.

Travel around Europe and a few other countries.

Chill out

27. Catch up on the three months of sleep the government has made me lose.

28. Netflix all day every day, eat and get fat.

29. I’m gonna relax and do whatever I want all summer. I can’t remember the last time I’ve just been able to come home and do whatever I feel compelled to without the stress of not doing revision. It will be such a breath of fresh air.

Get ready for the next step

30. Maths and programming.

31. Learn all of A-level Physics and then keep doing A-level Physics papers (under exam conditions) until I can get an A* in three papers straight. This will make college easy (I'm only doing maths, further maths and physics.)

32. Pee my pants till 23 August.

33. If I get in, go and visit a uni.
34. I'll probably also buy stationery for A-levels.

It's prank time

35. Fire alarm is always a good one. 

36. Put the head of sixth's stapler in jelly.

37. Alarm clocks in the classroom ceiling set to the same alarm time. I remember when I was in Year 7 the Year 13s did it to our class and it took ages to find the alarms.

Do something fun

38. Bang out Fortnite. 

39. Listen to music and dance around. 

40. Whole year's gonna go to a park and have a kickabout.

41. Replay Tomb Raider 3, Tomb Raider Legend and Tomb Raider Underworld.

42. Prom.

43. On the exact day the exams end me and my mates are going out for a celebratory meal.

44. Have lots of nights out and fun with friends.
45. Play LOTS of Fortnite and hopefully actually get good.

46. I'll be going on a cruise for two weeks.

47. Every year the evening of the last exam everyone goes to the local field and has a campfire party and people bring music. It's an unwritten tradition of my school.

48. Cook things I miss cooking. 
49. Bake cakes.
50. Pamper myself. 
51. Make slushies.
52. Go shopping for sixth form clothes. 
53. Shopping for holiday clothes. 
54. Shopping for normal clothes. 
55. Shopping for makeup. 
56. Eat food. 
57. Sleep.
58. Breathe. 

Every year the evening of the last exam everyone goes to the local field and has a campfire party and people bring music.

Whatever you do, enjoy it and good luck for results day!