Sixth Form Personal Statement 2

Sixth Form College Entrance Personal Statement

I am interested in joining xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sixth Form College because I want to gain A-levels and maybe advance into university. I think that by going to the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx sixth form I will gain these A-levels and advance to university.

I have good attendance, punctuality, behaviour, homework and classwork.

I have good skills in communicating which, I developed during work experience. I also have skills in teamwork and have strong self-confidence, also which I gained from work experience. At work experience I learned more about computers and how they work, also I learned more about architecture and using Information technology to produce architectural drawings. I have good business, computer and mathematics knowledge, which I hope to gain A-levels in. I am very pleased with gaining an A grade in both Information technology and business studies also I am very pleased with the A grade in Graphics, also a subject which I hope to study at A-level.

I have recently done my mock GCSE's and I have learned that a lot of preparation has to be done for success in these exams. I also have to prepare for my mock interview. Also workload in school has been increasing in both class-work and coursework, I have learned that if we do not meet the deadlines then workload increases even more! 

In my spare time I go out with my friends and play football and cricket. I used to play cricket for a club and here I met new people, where I gained communication skills and increased my self-confidence

I am also a season ticket holder for Bolton Wanderers and I have met new people at the ground, and also by needing to communicate with people at the ticket office. I like listening to music and playing a lot of sports. I sometimes help my uncle with decorating and I meet new people and gain more decorating skills

At college I hope to gain three A-levels in maths, physics, graphics and business studies. From there I hope to go to university and do a course in architecture, interior design or designing cars. I hope to then work in architecture or for an automobile firm.

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