Stressed about GCSE results day?


Exams are over and the summer is stretching ahead of you. It can seem endless and daunting. What can you do while you wait for GCSE results day?

It may seem that all you can do is worry about that dreaded day. What about the question you didn’t quite understand in your geography exam? Everyone on TSR said the maths exam was really hard – what if you have to retake?! Oh god, you’ll probably have to retake absolutely everything and you’ll never get into uni and-

I’m going to stop you there. Everyone feels this way, especially when there are two months between the end of exams and results. It can give you a lot of time to overthink and worry.

Luckily, we’ve got some stellar advice from students who have gone through the experience and lived to tell the tale.

It's completely normal

Having experienced this myself when I was doing GCSE's, I can tell you this is a completely normal feeling. The advice I give you is just relax, which I know is really hard to do. But there is nothing more you can do about your exams now. It will all be okay. - KrazyK18

You've never done as badly as you think you have

A key thing to note is generally, the human mind is negative by nature and will only focus/remember any 'bad parts' of your exams. An examiner is not set to mark you negatively for the most part. They can look past any silly errors. - wizward

I came out of every exam thinking I'd failed, I was terrified on results day, thinking I'd get Cs, Ds, and maybe Es. I ended up with all A*-B grades! If I can do it, so can you!!! - Sweetpeasw

Forget about those unofficial markschemes

It can be fun looking at unofficial markscheme on The Student Room. However, they’re not absolutely guaranteed to be right, and even if you didn’t get as many questions right as you hoped, the grade boundaries are so changeable it doesn’t mean that you’ve done badly.

I looked at an official mark scheme for one of the exams I did and trust me it's not a good thing to do. Now I've learnt my lesson to never do that again. - CoffeeAndPolitics

In fact, forget about exams altogether

After your last exam just forget about it entirely and focus on enjoying your summer. The more you think about something the harder it is to forget, so I'd suggest you keep yourself occupied during the summer. - urgurlbecca

Just remain calm and cool, and relax once exams are done. That summer after GCSEs is honestly the best - zentox

Enjoy your summer!

Distract yourself!

Could your bedroom do with a lick of paint?

Just make the most of your summer and you will soon forget about the anxiety. The week before my GCSE results I was so nervous so I painted my entire bedroom. I thought I'd messed up big time but come results day I hadn't. - T0ucan

Spend as much time grinding out at a job, earning money but also grind your regular life, enjoy everything you like doing, marathon video games, eat tons of food (do plenty of exercise as that makes you feel 10x better after) and just don't let yourself have nothing to do - 1488pepes

It's not the end of the world if there's a hiccup

Whatever your results teach you, learn from it and push harder in whatever you do next. Universities won't care how you did at GCSE - and don't get hung up on whether or not oxbridge will accept you in a few years - now not the time to be stressing over that. Don't let it ruin your summer! - grace k

Even if you do terrible, there will always be options available. I got offers from Russel group universities and I chose the one I felt the most connected to - that's the important thing; that your future is something you feel happy and comfortable with, not something that you've decided on just because it's prestigious. - memoriial

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