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If you’re panic-reading Othello cover-to-cover in preparation for your English exam, our study guide is here to save your grade

To help ease the stress of those last-minute revision sessions, we’ve rounded up the best Othello study tools built by the TSR community. Aren’t we thoughtful?

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Notes on context 
This Word document is a great place to start as it fills you in on the context of Othello. If you’re looking to do a bit of reading around the play and the time it was written, check this one out first.
Rating: 4 stars

Scene analysis and quotes 
Here we have eight pages of juicy detail around every act in the play. Broken down into handy paragraphs with key quotes included, this study tool makes it easy to remember when certain things happen – so helpful if you need your memory refreshing.
Rating: 4 stars

Act 5 Scene 2
This in-depth investigation will leave you fully informed about everything to do with Act 5 Scene 2 of the play. Summarising the key events, basic language analysis and key quotes will leave no question unanswered.
Rating: 4 stars


Revising English

Delve into this colour-coded mind-map to explore all the key themes, including fun things like misogyny, jealousy, hate and love. Some themes also include evidence supporting how each character portrays it too, and there’s even handy quotes to help illustrate the point.
Rating: 4 stars

Tragedy within Othello
Browse these nine flash cards if you want to learn all about the theme of tragedy in the story. This revision tool looks at Othello as a tragic hero, his identity, the setting of the play, resolution and a few other topics, so it’s certainly worth a read.
Rating: 5 stars

Symbolism, imagery, and allegory
If you want to get your head around the symbolism of certain items or events in the play that may never have crossed your mind, this one’s for you. Exploring the meaning behind the handkerchief, the willow song and Cassio’s ‘naughty’ dream, you’ll be sure to come away with some fresh ideas and interpretations.
Rating: A teacher-recommended 5 stars

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This short-but-sweet dissection of the character of Othello is teacher recommended, so rest assured you’re feeding your brain with only good stuff. This grid looks at his personality, role and development throughout the story, so is a great place to grasp an overall insight.
Rating: 5 stars

Bianca / Desdemona / Emilia
One very kind member of the community created not one but THREE colour-coded mind maps, looking at the roles of three key women in the play. The characterisations, opinions and key quotes from each character is examined, so you can easily make notes on each individually to get your head around each part the characters play.
Ratings: 3-4 stars

Worried you haven’t memorised enough quotes for your exam? This collection of 50 quotes from the play could save the day. These clear and concise flash cards are perfect to revise quickly and will (hopefully) help the words stick in your memory…
Rating: 5 stars

How’s your revision going? Do you have any of your own study tools to share?

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