Apply to join the peer support team

Our Peer Support volunteers look out for our community members by responding safely to any suicidal threads that have been posted in a TSR forum. All our volunteers are provided with training based on the national Samaritan guidance.


Unlike the usual telephone Samaritan support we offer online support 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Although it’s a challenging experience, it can be very rewarding, knowing that you may have made a difference to one of members, signposting where they can seek support when they need it the most.

We have so much experience in our team so rest assured you will receive some excellent support. Our training guidance has also been put together using the Samaritans training resources and during your training you will be allocated a Supervisor.

To ensure that you are fully prepared we provide online training which you can do from home. Each step of the way you will receive feedback from our knowledgeable trainers who are currently volunteering in the Peer Support team.

We are looking for members who are able to empathise with the community and be caring and understanding of their situation. Our Peer Support Volunteers can be any age over 18, and be from all walks of life and backgrounds. You don’t need formal qualifications or previous experience, but a natural ability to understand written information and remain open minded and non-judgemental is essential.

You can find out more about what our peer support volunteers do and what our volunteers do day to day

To apply... Please contact Jeanlucpicard via PM. In the PM state your name, age and 3 reasons why you want to become a Peer Support Volunteer! If you're successful you will be invited to a training session on 24th January 2015* 
*restricted to 6 people going to the training session (travel expenses will be paid)