Apply to volunteer on The Student Room

The Student Room is a hugely popular site - and what makes it so successful is its community. In other lot. People know they can come to TSR and ask questions about anything from their schoolwork and coursework, through to their relationship and life in general. They know they will get useful answers from other students - people who are going through just the same things as them. 

But the smooth running of our community doesn't happen by accident. We have a committed team of volunteers who give up their time to help others. They're at the heart of everything that's great about TSR, and the site simply wouldn't be the same without them. 

We're always keen to hear from new people who fancy volunteering on TSR. Even if there are no spaces available right at this moment, we'll make a note of your details and get back to you when that changes. So if you're interested in becoming a key part of the TSR team - get in touch!

Which volunteer team are you interested in?

Mod team
Editorial team
Welcome squad
Peer support team

If you'd like to volunteer but aren't sure which group you'd like to join, just tell us a bit about yourself and your interests using the form below.

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