Forum rules and guidelines


The forum rules and guidelines for the site have been set out to keep The Student Room a nice and friendly place so user can enjoy being on the site. The community team have the final say in modifying, interpreting and enforcing the rules.

Community guidelines

The community guidelines are the rules that apply to the whole site. The main rules to stick to are: 

  • Be friendly - The Student Room is a friendly place. Let’s keep it that way by treating everyone with respect.
  • Keep it clean - This site is for everyone, so please make your posts suitable for people of all ages.
  • Stay on topic - The conversation flows better if you keep your posts relevant and constructive.
  • No cheating - The site is not here to help anyone gain an unfair advantage in exams, interviews and the like.
  • No advertising - Please don’t make posts that are purely for promotional purposes
  • Nothing illegal - If you’re unsure whether your post might fall foul of the law, please err on the side of caution!

Read the community guidelines in more depth

Alongside the community guidelines, some forums have added specific guidelines which are listed in more detail below.

Health forum guidelines

As the information on site has not been given by a health professional, please remember that the forum is for advice and suggestions- diagnosis and recommendations may not be reliable (and we are all individuals so react differently to illness and medications) so please always be sure to go and see your GP, call 111 or go to A&E if you have a medical concern! 

Read the health forum guidelines in more depth.

Debate and current affairs guidelines

To create the best discussion possible, follow these simple guidelines and get a great debate in return!

  • When presenting your topic be sure to include a link to your source if possible to allow members to read up on the topic.
  • Where possible aim to use reputable sources and news articles
  • Please bear in mind that everyone has an opinion and it is through these differences that great debate can be had!
  • TSR is all-inclusive and we will remove any content that involves elements of hate speech, such as with Islamophobia, anti-antisemitism and racism so please be sure to debate within these guidelines.
  • TSR will also remove content that glorifies or encourages terrorism as incitement, advocacy or suggestion of terrorist activities is illegal under UK law. This includes discussion of joining any terrorist groups or partaking in terrorist activity.

Read the debate and current affairs guidelines in more depth.

Study help guidelines

  • Post in the correct forum. Use the subject forums for any threads that relate to specific subjects, and the qualifications forums for more general questions.
  • When asking questions, give as much relevant detail as possible in thread titles and in posts, including what progress you have made so far.
  • Do not post full solutions unless absolutely necessary. Instead, try to guide the person asking towards working out the answer themself.
  • Familiarise yourself with and follow the restrictions on exam discussion (see here). Do not post any details of exams (including practical exams) that have not yet been sat by all candidates.
  • Respect copyright laws when asking for any study resources, including past papers. Do not reproduce copyrighted material without consent of the creator.
  • Do not discuss or promote illegal 'study-enhancing' drugs.

Read the study help guidelines in more depth.