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Introduce Yourself & Welcome Lounge

Introduce Yourself is the place where many of you new members make their first posts on the world that is TSR. 
When you join why not create a thread in there to introduce yourself to everyone. You will be sure to meet some friendly members and this is a great stepping stone for getting use to how TSR works. 

Welcome Lounge is where you'll find the Ultimate TSR Guide, guide on Where To Post, the Newbie society, a place to ask questions and various icebreaker threads you can participate in.

Life And Style Section

The Health forum is the place for questions your physical health, but please remember that this is a student forum and that most of the users are not doctors, so don't use this instead of going to your GP. Health has two sub-forums: one for Mental Health, and the other for Sexual Health.

The Sexual Health sub-forum is the place for questions on everything and anything from Periods to STIs, to contraception. This is not for asking favourite sexual positions or what sex toys to buy. Again remember that this doesn't replace the GP and it is unprofessional advice. 

The Mental Health sub-forum is where you can get help and support if you're struggling with your mental health. The community there are very understanding a supportive, and a lot of them may suffer from similar symptoms or conditions as you, so can be in the best position to help. Posts about suicide or self harm will be removed to a secure area, and the Peer Support Volunteers will talk to that user to give them the help they deserve.

Anonymous Feature:


Anonymous Feature

Health, Relationships and Advice on Everyday Issues comes with the handy ability to hide your identity and appear as anonymous. When you create the thread there is a tick box underneath the title box asking 'Post anonymous'. Only Support Team members who have the ability to moderate in these forums, Section Leaders and the Community Team have the ability to see who you are and they don't tend to take much notice unless they are suspicious of the OP. Remember it is against the rules to reveal or attempt to guess the OP of an anonymous thread so please don't bother :) 

Where is My Anonymous Thread?

Once you have created an anonymous thread in Mental Health it may not appear immediately. This is because there is a pre-moderation queue. What this basically means is that your thread has entered a queue, then once a Moderator has approved the thread it will appear in the forum. Please be patient, since this process can sometimes take a while so please don't be tempted into making another thread. 


Food and Drink. A place to discuss and debate all things on the subject of Food. 

Faith and Spirituality. Where you can find others of your Faith and get chatting to them, share your means of worship and seek support from the community. PLEASE NOTE: All debate on religious matters belongs in the Religious debate forum, not F&S.

Travel is where you can go to talk about you next holiday, get advice about the cheapest means of travelling or tips for going to certain places.

Money and Finance is the place where you can get advice about budgeting, talk about stocks and shares, crypto-currencies, starting your own business and the best ways to save. Please do not confuse this with the Student Finance forums.

Fashion and Beauty. Where you can share tips and advice on everything from hair and make-up to fashion and accessories!

Advice on Everyday Issues is where you can ask for advice on a matter that doesn't really fall into any of the other advice forums on the site, such as legal queries. Please check that there is no better forum to use before posting in here.

Fitness is the place to get advice about fitness regimes, discuss nutrition and follow other people's journeys to stay in shape.

Debate and Current Affairs Section

D&CA contains six subforums for slightly more formal debate and/or discussion (that is, discussion which is always on topic).

For discussion which are informal, please use the Chat forum.

UK Politics is where current events and discussion about elections and politics can be debated.

News and Current Affairs is the place for all the latest news topics to be discussed.

Religion is where the religious debates can occur, please be respectful of all people from all religions in this forum, and do keep religious debate with there, not in Faith and Spirituality.

Society is the place to pose question about society which are not political, nor connected to any news events.

Educational Debate is the place to discuss current events and changes in the education system.

University Guides

Personal Statements

PS Helpers

TSR has a team of volunteer Personal Statement helpers who give advise on PS. All these helpers are either post-graduates, graduates, or currently studying University courses, and membership to this team is controlled by the TSR Community Staff to ensure that this remains the case.

The Personal Statement Help forum and its subfora allow you to

Becoming a PS Helper

To become a PS Helper you must be at or have been to university. You will need to be able to prove this, usually through your university network IP address which you have used to access the site, or by sending an email from your university email account. In order to become a PS Helper you need to request to join the usergroup by applying here and also posting in the Ask a PS Helper team member forum to prove your university status.