Guide to tsr forums

Introduce Yourself & Welcome Lounge

Introduce Yourself is the place where many of you new members make their first posts on the world that is TSR. 
When you join why not create a thread in there to introduce yourself to everyone. You will be sure to meet some friendly members and this is a great stepping stone for getting use to how TSR works. 

Welcome Lounge is where you'll find the Ultimate TSR Guide, guide on Where To Post, the Newbie society, a place to ask questions and various icebreaker threads you can participate in.


TSR has a vast list of societies which can be accessed in the Societies List. To join a society click on the 'Join this Soc' link next to the Society that you want to join and type in a message(optional). Your join request will then be processed by one of the Society leaders. 

Even if you haven't joined a Soc you can still post in it's thread, one of the benefits of joining a Soc however is that you can let others know you are a member with a link to your Societies under your postbit. 

Some Socs are found in Society Chat section of the forum, posting here will not increase your post count. Generally Socs that are found outside of Society Chat stick to the original topic of the Soc, while those is Society Chat are considered to be more chatty.

You can click and view all the Socs that you are a member of by clicking on the Manage Your Societies link in the Societies panel.

For more information on Societies visit The Ultimate Society Guide and FAQ 

Health and Relationships

Health and Relationships is one of the busiest forums on TSR. It has two sub-forums; Health, and Sexual Health. Use the main part for relationship woes and issues that don't fit into the Health or Sexual Health categories. 
The Health sub-forum is the place for questions your physical and mental health, but please remember that this is a student forum and that most of the users are not doctors, so don't use this instead of going to your GP. 
The Sexual Health sub-forum is the place for questions on everything and anything from Periods to STIs, to contraception. This is not for asking favourite sexual positions or what sex toys to buy. Again remember that this doesn't replace the GP and it is unprofessional advice. 

Anonymous Feature

H&R comes with the handy ability to hide your identity and appear as anonymous. When you create the thread there is a tick box underneath the title box asking 'Post anonymous'. Only moderators who have the ability to moderate in H&R have the ability to see who you are and they don't tend to take much notice unless they are suspicious of the OP. They used to remove the anonymity of posts if they misused the anon feature but now they don't do this and will deal with it without removing the anon. Remember it is against the rules to reveal or attempt to guess the OP of an anonymous thread so please don't bother :) 

Another point to remember is that if you are posting anonymously in H&R you need to make sure that the 'Post as Anonymous' box is ticked every time. 

Where is My Anonymous Thread?

Once you have created an anonymous thread in H&R it may not appear immediately. This is because it may have entered a pre-moderation queue. What this basically means is that your thread has entered a queue, then once a Moderator has approved the thread it will appear in H&R. Please be patient, since this process can sometimes take a while so please don't be tempted into making another thread. 

[Potential Trigger]

This is a tag that you will see from time to time and it basically means that the thread contains issues such as suicide, self harm, anorexia etc. It just acts as a warning to people before entering the thread.

Debate and Current Affairs

Debate and Discussion

D&D contains six subforums for formal debate and/or discussion (that is, discussion which is always on topic). For discussion which is informal, please use the General Discussion (GD) forum.

Have Your Say

Have Your Say is a place to talk about topical issues and give your opinions. Threads in here are started by the Have Your Say bot. Members cannot start threads in here; If you wish to start a discussion in a similar vein to Have Your Say topics, please post your thread in either the General Discussion (GD) or Debate & Discussion (D&D) forum.

TSR House of Commons

The House of Commons (HoC) is a UK model parliament on TSR. Here, there are political parties, unique to TSR, with elected MPs, where new bills are created and debated. For UK Politics, please use the UK Politics subforum in D&D.

TSR Model United Nations

Members represent a country and portray that country's views in the Model United Nations (MUN), just like in the real UN in New York City. Only MUN members can post in this subforum.

University Guides

Personal Statements

PS Helpers

TSR has a team of Personal Statement helpers who give advise on PS. All these helpers are either post-graduates, graduates, or currently studying University courses, and membership to this team is controlled by the TSR moderators to ensure that this remains the case.

The Personal Statement Help forum and its subfora allow you to

Becoming a PS Helper

To become a PS Helper you must be at or have been to university. You will need to be able to prove this, usually through your university network IP address which you have used to access the site, or by sending an email from your university email account. In order to become a PS Helper you need to request to join the usergroup by applying here and also posting in the Ask a PS Help Mod forum to prove your university status.

PS Helpers can earn riches for reviews of personal statements, which may be used to purchase a subscription to the site (see further details on riches above).