Introduction to TSR Societies


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Fancy meeting people with similar interests and chatting about the things you love? Check out our selection of lovely societies below to get involved! 

European Societies

German Society 
A society for all those who are German, live in Germany, speak German or are just interested in anything to do with Germany!

Polish Society 
Group for all Poles, those with Polish roots and anyone interested in Polish culture

Dutch Society 
For all Dutch people on TSR and for all of those who are interested in anything Dutch. Feel free to join!

TSR Nordic Society 
A group for people from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland or anyone interested.

Scandinavian Society 
For all the Norse = D !

A group for all our Swedish members.

The Norwegian Society 
A group for all those who are either Norwegian or just love Norway!

Mauritian Society 
Mauritian? Say it loud and proud! 

Portuguese Society 
For all the Portuguese TSRians

Greek Society 
For all Greeks, Greek-speakers and those interested in the language and culture of present-day Greece to connect.

Romanian Society 
Calling All Romanians! Va astept!

Chechen Group 
A group for all Chechens!

Turkish Society 
Does that kebab need some more chilli sauce? If so, then why not come in here and I'll add in some salad too.

Kurdistan Society 
Be proud of your Kurdish origin. 

Asian Societies

Asian Society 
For those that love the continent that is Asia!

British Born Asians 
Indians, Pakistanis etc. feel free to join :-)

Chinese Society 
This society is for people who are interested and keen on learning the Chinese language or fascinated with Chinese culture.

Singapore Kopitiam 
For all those with a hankering for Singaporean issues, food, peculiar traits, geopolitical or socioeconomic issues. Or just to learn more about this fine city (pun intended).

British Born Chinese 
Yo sup my Cantonese peeps!

Mandarin Chinese Learners 
All Mandarin Chinese learners welcome!

Indian Society 
Talk about affairs of India , there are many topics on which we have debates! 

The Gujurati Society 
The first of it's kind- all my Guju's come and join it!

Bengali Society 
For all those Bengalis on TSR.

Punjabi Society 
For all Punjabis on TSR and anyone else who is interested in Punjabi language and culture =)

Religious Societies

Jewish Society 
A group dedicated to our Jewish TSR members. 

Unitarian Universalist Society 

One for the Unitarians. 

TSR Buddhist Society 

For the Buddhists on the site, this one's for you! 

Hindu Society 

If you fancy chatting about Hinduism, here's the place! 

Sikh Society 

Join the other Sikhs on TSR 

Christian Apologetics Society 

The Pagan Society 

The Theology Guild 

Catholic Society 

Where the Catholics of TSR gather to chat. 

Deism society 


Christian Society 

Eastern Orthodox Society 

Islamic Society 

Ex-Muslim Society 

Interfaith Society 

The Secular Society 

Atheist Society 

A place to chat with fellow atheists.