Study Helper role description

The Student Room is the world's largest student community, with more than 1.3m members. The Study Help forum is an essential part of TSR: a place where students can come to discuss, ask questions and receive help and support in their studies. We need to build on our existing team of wonderful volunteers to create an active team of Study Helpers and build a thriving community based around students helping students.

The role:

  • Our Study Helpers are there to provide thoughtful, constructive help to their fellow members/students.
  • Our Study Helpers encourage students to figure out the answers for themselves, rather than just handing them the solutions.
  • Our Study Helpers are always positive, encouraging and understanding. There are no stupid questions!
  • Our Study Helpers create a welcoming and supportive atmosphere, and encourage other members to get involved.
  • Our Study Helpers are active in responding to unanswered threads.


  • Our Study Helpers will develop great skills that will help them across other areas of their life.
  • Our Study Helpers will gain experience that will look great on CVs and in personal statements.
  • Our Study Helpers will improve their own understanding – teaching is the best way to learn!


  • Our Study Helpers will have access to their own private forum where they can connect with each other, ask questions and receive guidance and feedback.
  • Our Study Helpers will be able to choose what area they feel they are best able to contribute to, but will not be limited to this alone.
  • Our Study Helpers will be supported by the CT and the Study Help Moderation team.

You would make a great Study Helper if...

...You are already active in writing quality posts and supporting students with their studies.

...You have no history of significant rule-breaking.

If you think you would make a great Study Helper, please apply by joining the Study Helper Group here, and telling us a bit about yourself in this forum (only you and the mods will be able to see your application).