Volunteering with The Student Room


Volunteering with TSR

The Student Room is home to a brilliant team Volunteer Team. This team of people help look after the community on The Student Room, helping to make it a fun, safe and useful place to hang out. 

Who volunteers with TSR

  • Volunteer Section Leaders work closely with the Community Team to help generate ideas to make TSR a helpful and useful resource for students, while looking after the team of volunteers in their specialist sections (eg. Life and Style, Study Help, Unis, etc).
  • Volunteer Team members work with the  Volunteer Section Leaders to make sure students are getting the most out of TSR. They lead on projects, competitions, write advice articles and help to make sure members of the community are happy and supported.

Specialist Teams

TSR also has a number of specialist teams, who are trained to support our users in specific ways. We also have a super knowledgeable team of UCAS-trained advisers who provide personal a really helpful advice, especially during results and clearing. We've also got our Editorial Support Team, Personal Statement Helpers, - and the list goes on!

Forum Helpers are members of the TSR community, who provide great help and support in their favourite forums. They also help to keep those forums tidy and easy to use, and help make sure newbies get answers to their questions. These helpers are often young people themselves, or have particular experience in that area, so can provide some great peer-to-peer advice based on their own knowledge.

Why join the team?

The Volunteer Team are a proactive, lovely bunch of people set out to help others. We’re always growing our team of TSR members who work together to help students across the UK, supporting them in their studies and their personal lives. From developing valuable skills and experience for your CV, to meeting new people, having fun, and giving back, there's loads of reasons to join our VolunteerTSR family. So if you're interested in joining the team, we're always recruiting.

We asked our current volunteers what they get out of volunteering for TSR....

“All the volunteer people, they are all really lovely and really feels like a nice little community of friends that have a good cohesion. Is nice when an OP of a thread is grateful for a thread move and is nice to be involved with projects on the site like MHAW and Exam Jam as makes you feel like you are doing something worthwhile that has a large impact on the general tsr community.”

“I really enjoy volunteering in general, helping out, sharing my knowledge and learning from others. I guess really what makes TSR special is the people and also the real impact you see on student's lives as a result of what we do.”

“I enjoy volunteering for tsr because I love knowing my posts on TSR can help improve peoples lives. I decided to join the team because I saw how much of a positive impact being part of it had on the site.”

“To maximise my productivity on TSR whilst being able to meaningfully contribute to the organisation, content and wellbeing of users on the website. … I've met so many wonderful people through TSR, some have even managed to transform my life . I really like letting my creative mind loose on here and having a bit of fun or getting some advice from people who are in similar positions to me and there's just so much helpful stuff on here.”

“I really enjoy helping others with academic stuff when i can ... just feels nice to help people with the little things. The site has also benefitted me a lot, so I enjoy giving back.”

"I wanted to give back some of what I'd gained from the site, and to help improve a section that I really enjoyed posting in. […]I love being able to help members with questions or advice, particularly from the PSV side of things. I also enjoy creating content that can inform users, or correct common misinformation, as well as tidying up sections, and making sure threads are in the best section to get replies.”

“The people here are just braw. If everyone was like the people here, the world would without doubt be better, and there are a fair few people here who have done such a lot for me. There are other things about it I like, but I don't know what else to say really, other than the people, because the other things don't come close.”

“Being able to have a positive impact on students really makes me feel good about myself, and I'm determined to carry on for as long as possible. I always feel like I'm being supported, not only by regular members and volunteers but also staff, so to be able to give something back to all 3 groups of people is just a truly wonderful thing."

"The funny thing is that joining the team in this way means I've had a unique experience of what it's like to volunteer for TSR at every level and it's really interesting to see the difference you can make by offering your perspective to help make a change. Another volunteer and I (both having experienced what it was like to be a CA and really engaging with their 'struggle', so to speak) were able to work together in an official capacity to begin the revitalisation of the CA role and make it into what it is today - now we have an absolutely mental amount of CAs and a fantastic dynamic amongst them all. Things like that make me really proud to be a volunteer and being able to make a difference to people is the main reason I'm here.”

"Because it makes me so happy to spend time with such a brilliant group of people, contribute to a community that has given me so much, and shaping it to be even better.”