TSR Full Site Rules


Welcome to The Student Room. By using the site, you agree to follow these rules. We encourage open discussion and active debate, but to make sure that all our users enjoy the site we have the below rules. 

If you break the site rules, we have a moderation policy and warning system in place to help you understand what you did wrong so you don’t do it again. However, please bear in mind that the Community Team always reserves the right to terminate your membership and this can override our moderation policy and warning system.

1) Treat other users with respect 

  • Respect the opinions of others.
  • Respect other people’s privacy. Don’t post personal details of others without their explicit consent and don’t post personal email addresses (including your own) on the public forums.
  • Be friendly to other members.
  • Don’t insult people, don’t patronise or belittle them, don’t make personal attacks.
  • Do not express discriminatory or otherwise offensive views. You know the kind of thing – there’s no place for racism, religious hatred, sexism or homophobia here. We recognise that discussion of certain social and political issues may legitimately require the use of sensitive or potentially offensive terms, but outside of those limited contexts the use of such terms is not allowed on this site.
  • We have a 'swear filter' on the site, that censors a small list of words considered to be inappropriate. If you try really hard you can get around it: please don’t. You can self-censor if you wish, in which case the entire word must be completely starred out. For example, "s*it" or "s***" would not be acceptable), but otherwise, just type out all words in full and the filter will replace any censored words with asterisks. Please - no images or other media that include significant unfiltered swearing, and no links to any content that includes significant unfiltered swearing.

2) Make sure the content you add is appropriate for all members. 

  • Do not post or link to adult content, which would include sexually explicit images or text and graphic/violent images or video clips. It’s fine to discuss sex on TSR - but please remember this isn't the place for sex chat or tips.
  • Be friendly to other members. There's no need to be hostile and aggressive just because you disagree with someone
  • Text speak (eg, "b4", "l8r") is gobbledegook for many people, so please don’t use it on TSR. Please also avoid posting in a foreign language unless you also provide a translation (aside from in the Foreign Languages forums or the International Lounge).
  • Do not post 'spoilers', such as what happens at the end of The Sixth Sense, without using 'spoiler' or 'expand' tags to obscure the content of your post.

3) Do not start discussions that could encourage religious or racial hatred 

  • Do not post views that will intentionally upset people of certain religions or race.
  • Be mindful that some posts might unintentionally provoke a negative reaction from others and

4) Keep all your posts relevant and constructive 

  • You can help keep the conversation flowing by posting in the correct forum, keeping to the topic of the thread and adding constructive posts.
  • Sometimes people want to 'bump' a thread (i.e., post in it again so it returns to the top of the chronological thread list). That’s fine once, if your thread hasn’t had a response after a significant amount of time. But please don’t bump a thread multiple times or without allowing appropriate time for others to read the thread and reply. How much time you should wait for a reply depends on the forum - in busier forums, it becomes appropriate to bump a thread sooner than in quieter ones. As a rough guide, please give it a few hours and don’t bump a thread while it’s still near the top of the most recently updated threads in its forum.
  • Do not post the same content multiple times, within either a single or multiple threads.
  • Please check before posting that the thread is still current. If you’re adding to a thread that’s been dormant for more than six months, you’re probably better off starting a new thread instead.

5) No cheating! 

  • TSR is not here to help anyone gain an unfair advantage over others in interviews, academic work or similar.
  • Some exams are taken in different locations worldwide at different times. For many of these, there are restrictions on when discussion of these can take place on The Student Room. Keep an eye on the site for announcements about these restrictions, which you should read before posting about an exam.

6) No spammers, please. That means no advertising or other promotional activity 

  • If you post a link, please make sure it’s useful. This isn’t the place for promotional activity, so please avoid posting about both commercial and non-commercial products/services, job adverts, Facebook groups, societies and forums other than TSR (unless you’re linking to a specific, relevant thread from another forum). One exception is in the Find a Flatmate forum, where private accommodation classifieds can be posted (subject to the forum's guidelines, outlined here).
  • Don’t post referral links, codes or similar, which offer a benefit to you when another person uses the link/code to make use of a service.
  • Don’t campaign for votes or similar.

7) Do not use TSR to assist with, condone or advocate illegal activity 

  • Examples of illegal topics would include discussion of joining terrorist groups or being involved in terrorist activity, copyright infringement (including torrents and unauthorised streams of copyrighted material), fake IDs and drugs that are either banned or (where not in a prescribed context) prescription-only.
  • We’re a UK-based site, so the laws of England and Wales are our guideline for determining illegality, although laws from other countries will be considered if appropriate to the context of the relevant post.
  • The full site guidelines also apply to content included in avatars, signatures and personal reputation comments.

8) Do not use secondary/duplicate accounts 

  • You are welcome to create and operate multiple accounts on The Student Room, so long as you continue to follow the guidelines.
  • If you have an account banned, you may not use another account for any reason.
  • Do not use another account to impersonate other members.
  • Do not use another account to abuse the reputation system, for example, by attempting to get around the usual restrictions on the frequency of leaving reputation/post ratings.

9) Be aware of and follow any specific rules for each forum in which you post. These will be flagged up by an announcement, 'sticky' thread, "useful resources" widget entry or similar.

  • Chat: the Chat forum is intended for general chatter, so the rules on keeping posts constructive and on-topic are relaxed in there.
  • Health and relationships: there is an anonymous function in these forums – please make sure you understand when it’s appropriate to use this and that you’re familiar with the 'three strikes' policy for more serious rule-breaking.
  • Debate and current affairs: the guidelines for this forum give some advice on how to introduce a topic for discussion, especially in relation to more controversial issues.
  • Study help: these guidelines set out the best way to ask and answer academic questions, a

nd there’s also information here on the strict restrictions around the discussion of certain public exams.

10) Moderation 
Sometimes the Community Team may edit, delete or move any material that

  • is posted on the site. For example we might edit or remove posts, or close individual threads. If you are using The Student Room in an inappropriate or unacceptable manner, including through breaking any of the forum rules, we may restrict, suspend or terminate your membership, either by banning you from part or all of the site or by using the warning system.
  • If you break any of the community rules, a reminder or warning may be issued to you by a member of the Community Team.
  • A reminder is used for minor issues and will let you know that one of your posts (or other contribution) has broken a TSR rule. It isn't intended as a punishment and isn't a yellow warning card, though repeated breaking of the guidelines will escalate to a warning card.
  • A warning (yellow card) is used when either the issue is more serious or you have been alerted over a minor issue and it happens again. If more than one of these yellow card warnings are collected then the card will escalate to a red warning card which will result in a 7 day temporary ban. After this the next escalation is a black card which leads to a permanent ban from the site.
  • An immediate permanent ban may also be applied in response to very severe rule-breaking, unauthorised commercial advertising or the misuse of duplicate accounts. Due to the sensitivity of issues discussed in the Health and Relationships/Debate & Current Affairs forums, a 'three strikes' policy applies, whereby three warnings for serious offences will result in a permanent ban from these forums.
  • The Community Team always reserves the right to ban an individual’s access to The Student Room.
  • We spend a lot of time trying to make TSR’s rules and guidelines fair and we’re always happy to discuss the way moderation works. If you have any questions about any moderation action taken towards you, please post in the Ask the Community Team subforum of Moderation Queries, where we aim to reply to questions within 24 hours wherever possible.
  • Please don’t discuss any specific moderation action to any extent on the public forums or through visitor messages, private messages or similar. We can only discuss warnings with the member receiving them, so please do not ask about other members' warnings.
  • These rules, in addition to our current Terms & Conditions constitute the understanding between you and us as to your use of The Student Room, and supersede all prior agreements and understandings.