Tsr roles explained


Community Team

The Community Team's raison d'etre is the continued growth of The Student Room. Working with the Support Team and all site users they plan the direction TSR should take and then work to get us there.

The Community Team are paid employees of TSR’s parent company The Student Room Group and a significant part of their role is making sure TSR is profitable and self sustaining; coordinating and managing ad campaigns they work closely with our sales team and key partners.

With their big picture view of TSR, the Community team manage all TSRs development large and small with our team of developers. They work closely with the Support Team on everything from site rules to Support Team appointment and overall community wellbeing. In addition to this, the Community Team perform moderation duties around the site.

TSR Group Staff

Those known as TSR Group Staff are employed by The Student Room's parent company, The Student Room Group Ltd. They will usually be on the site infrequently, or lurking in the background. They may interact with the site from time to time, but on the whole their job doesn't require them to be on TSR most of the time, unlike The Community Team.

Those in the TSR Group Staff may work in different departments within the company such as sales, development and finance. Because most TSR Group Staff members aren't consistently on the site, we ask that any questions on the site be made to either our Support Team or Community Team.


Section Leader

Section Leaders are long standing model TSR users handpicked for their understanding of TSR and their leadership skills. They specialise in and oversee a specific section of TSR and work closely with the Support Team in that section.

The majority of a Section Leader’s time is taken up responding to specific user enquiries and providing support and leadership to the other Support Team members. Section Leaders have the final say on moderation matters. They work closely with the Community Team and the entire user community making sure the Members interests are adequately represented.

Support Team

The Support Team are active and respected members within a specific forum or group of forums. They are selected for their keen interest and positive contributions within that area of TSR.

The Support Team are responsible for the day-to-day organisation, moderation and wellbeing of their site area(s). This encompasses everything from patrolling the forum for inappropriate or incorrectly placed posts and threads to answering queries and developing articles on the Wiki.

In addition, Support Team members work with users in their site area to make recommendations to the Community Team on improvements that could enhance their sub community on TSR. This could be updates to the forum; but also wider resources such as articles, blogs, photos, partnership suggestions etc. The Support Team also discuss wider TSR moderation policy and development with the rest of the team.

Community Assistant

Community Assistants are volunteers, like the Support Team. They are responsible for keeping their specific forum area orderly, by moving posts, being friendly and helpful and tagging threads appropriately. CAs are chosen either by the Support Team, or they apply to join the Volunteer Team here.

(With the exception of the Speaker of the House of Commons who is elected by MPs and has a slightly different role, but uses Community Assistant permissions within that forum.)

Personal Statement Reviewer

PS Reviewers are university undergrads or graduates who volunteer to help other students who are planning to apply through UCAS with the wording of their Personal Statement.

TSR Members can submit a draft of their statement that they would like critiqued into one of the Personal Statement Help. Only PS Reviewers are able to see any of these submissions. The PS Reviewers will provide an excellent service making recommendations for alterations based upon what the Member wants to study and where they plan to apply. Reviewing quality is kept high by informal peer review.

Anyone can apply to become a PS Reviewer, as long as they are at University or have graduated.

CV Helper

CV Helpers are usually people have entered full time work who volunteer to help other Members who are planning to apply for jobs through the wording of their CVs and cover letters.

TSR Members can submit a draft of their CV or cover letter that they would like critiqued into the CV Helper Forum. Only CV Helpers are able to see any of these submissions. The CV Helpers will provide an excellent service making recommendations for alterations based upon what the type and level of job the Member is applying for. Anyone may become a CV Helper if they have entered full time work.

Specialist Advisers (now defunct)

Specialist Advisers have a particular specialism or expertise that enables them to impart reputable and credible help to TSR users. They may be people from TSR or from outside of the community who help out by share their knowledge and experience with others.

A TSR Member may be approached by the Community Team to become a Specialist Adviser if they have demonstrated that they have a positive persona on the site and are suitably knowledgeable about a topic covered in one of the TSR forums. Alternatively the Community Team may approach an external professional partner to provide a Specialist Adviser service into an area that it is felt into which real benefit could be given.

Former examples of specialist advisers include our Careers Adviser and our Health and Relationships Adviser.

Wiki Support Team (now defunct)

The Wiki Support Team (WST) are members who have shown an interest in the Articles section of the site. Part of their role means they are responsible for patrolling edits that are made to the articles to ensure there is no vandalism or advertising occurring.

They also are active in editing the articles themselves and may try to coordinate efforts within the wider site community to develop certain groups of articles. In addition the WST takes a role in discussing the development and improvements to the articles section in the About Wiki forum.